Vendor Management

Creating fair partnerships

Vendor Management & Cost Containment

Vendor Management

The success of our clients’ fleet relies on the vendors  they have in place. Although you may not realize how many vendors are in place. Gas stations and fuel cards, maintenance shops, dealerships or leasing companies, resale channels, GPS and AME to name a few. Our clients lean on us to manage these vendors or potentially introduce them to alternatives if necessary. 

Cost Containment

The benefit to this is knowing that billing is fair and accurate by us reviewing quotes and invoices. This ensures money saved from incorrect billing if invoices deviate from agreed upon rates while giving you and your team more time back into your day by not having to handle all these programs and relationships.

Purchase or leasing rFP

Driven Fleet Concepts is not a leasing company. This allows us to agnostically manage your fleet and Total Cost of Ownership without a bias to replace vehicles sooner than necessary. Your business does however require vehicles to be purchased, leased or financed at some point. As we learn your business and understand your fleet needs, we can work your existing partner or recommend the right financing company or dealership to best serve your business. 

Pay Cash

Cash is still king

If your business is able and prefers to pay cash for vehicles, we know how to take advantage of that for you. 


no strings attached

For those wanting a funding model that is understood and time tested. No reason to worry about residuals or vehicle end of life surprises. 


Keep working capital where you need it

Our understanding of this field will show you what terms to be aware of and why so many business lean in the direction of Open or Closed-End Leasing. 

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