our Periodic Reviews:

Our customers receive an analysis of fleet performance, trends, and areas of improvement so that the fleet can be proactively managed.

Whether you have a dedicated fleet manager or someone overseeing the vehicles part time, we aid them in their efforts to be as effective as possible. 

Issues that we proactively monitor

We have the systems and software to better track vehicles due for maintenance. Missing just one Oil Change can be enough for sludge to build in the engine or for the manufacture to deny a warranty claim
Fuel is the largest operating expense your fleet has. We review that drivers use fuel cards as intended and any outliers are identified.
Our clients benefit from knowing which vehicles are approaching an inspection or updated registration renewal. We have the automated tools to track for these compliance requirements.
Out strategy to tracking Total Cost of Ownership ensures vehicles are proactively replaced according to their identified lifecycle.

We focus on your fleet - you focus on your business

vehicle trends we monitor

Vehicle Performance

We monitor vehicles that are over or under performing industry standards which allows you to proactively act accordingly

Cash Flow Projections

Our reviews can give you the Cash Flow Analysis to for Budget Planning so you can hit your goals and avoid surprises

New Vehicle Technologies

Stay on top of emerging vehicle technologies to keep your fleet as state of the art as your business.

Volume Discounts

We know the fleet industry and which volume discounts you qualify for. You can benefit from having an insider on their team. 

Fleet Policy Recommendations

We review your fleet policy or company car programs and make recommendations to be considered. 


Benefit from a service approach that gives your business the attention it deserves with team or 1-on-1 in person meetings

Zoom Meetings

Quick touch points over zoom can be the best approach to simply touch base and let us know what projects you need us to tackle.

Email Summary

Sometime you just don’t have the time for “another meeting” so we will send a thorough recap and updates on certain projects. 

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