Outsourced Fleet Management

We focus on your fleet - You focus on your business.

Operating costs

Driven Fleet Concepts will manage fuel and maintenance reports to ensure you get the full value of the data being collected. Employees come and go. Let us mitigate the risk of fuel misuse by activating and deactivating fuel access in timely manor. Our clients benefit from less administrative work and fraud potential. We notify drivers or managers of upcoming maintenance to ensure vital PM’s are being performed to avoid costly repairs or detrimental downtime.

Forecast Annual needs

Often times fleet owners blink and vehicles exceed corporate replacement guidelines. This can create a multitude of problems. Our proactive analysis, recommendations and oversight will ensure your replacement strategy never misses a beat. Whether you decide to replace vehicles “when the wheels fall off” or at 100,000 miles, we ensure your plan is being executed as effectively as possible. Our data partnerships will help you make the most informed decision possible.

Whichever fleet plan you decide on, Driven Fleet Concepts ensures it gets done. Period.

Driver and Report Management

The drivers of fleet vehicles are a key part to overall business success. They play a critical role in delivering value and service to your customers. We ensure they have the tools to be as efficient as possible out in the field while complying to safety and company policies. We can run point on distributing reports to all necessary parties. Utilization reports, GPS Insights, or Safety Scorecards. Allow us to make the most of the tools you already have in place.

Your fleet consultant will design a fleet strategy, with small tweaks or large changes, and provide the support to keep you and your team focused on more sensitive and critical areas of the business.

Let’s get results.