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Fuel and Maintenace

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Fuel and Maintenance expenses make up the largest expenses a fleet will experience. With depreciation right behind, knowing your maintenance and fuel trends will allow for more informed decisions on replacement plans & avoiding downtime.
Our clients leave this work to us so that their team can focus on more critical areas of their job while we go deeper in fleet mangement than they typically have time for.

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Fuel & Maintenance Review

Fuel Management

Trust that each fuel purchase is valid and that your fuel program is being taken advantage of to the fullest extent possible. The reporting in todays fuel cards allow technology to automate much of the management. We know how to setup these fuel management tools to best track this significant expense. 

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is handled wildly different from fleet to fleet. Whether there is a great plan in place or not, our software allows for maintenance reminders to be accurate to OEM recommendations so you can avoid costly downtime and expensive repairs. 

Our clients benefit from knowing that vehicles are not over or under maintenance according for the manufacture maintenance schedules. 

"Good management consists of showing those how to do the work of superior people."

– John Rockefeller

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