Fleet Plan Design

The model of vehicle you choose for your fleet is just as critical of a decision as the type of vehicle.

Let us ensure your fleet isn’t leaving opportunity on the table.

Total Cost of Ownership

Driven Fleet Concepts has access to the industries largest data collector of vehicle expenses. We use this data to compile the information most relevant to you, benchmark against your current costs, and present you with a long term fleet plan that focuses on Total Cost of Ownership and Cost Containment.

Read more about OUTSOURCED FLEET MANAGEMENT. We put a fleet plan in place for you, but actually manage much of the day-to-day. Freeing up time for Operation Managers or Upper Management to focus less on the fleet and more on the business.

Vehicle Acquisition Analysis

We will validate that the vehicle type being driven is truly the best vehicle option for your company’s utilization.

Should that box truck actually be a Cargo Van?
Sedan vs SUV vs CUV?
Compact Pickup vs 1/2 Ton Pickup?
Dock Height Truck vs. Aftermarket solution?
Demountable vs Straight Body Chassis?

What about Ford vs Chevy vs Nissan? What story is your GPS telematics telling? Those are a few examples of the opportunities we look at to increase efficiency, safety, and margins. So you don’t have to and it is done right.

Lease vs Finance vs Cash vs Reimbursement Analysis

Driven Fleet Concepts will always challenge the status quo. The way things have always been done may be your best option. Or maybe not. When was the last time you went back to the drawing board to validate that there is not a better, more efficient way to do things?

We validate the best possible funding structure and mobility plan for your company’s fleet.

Brokering Vehicle Replacements

Once all possible OEM’s are considered and if the decision is made to replace a vehicle, Driven Fleet Concepts will work with your preferred dealership or leasing company to ensure the purchase price of the new vehicle(s) are properly negotiated.

Let’s get results.