Company Car Programs

Assisting your best asset

Your employees need vehicles in order to succeed. You need your employees in order to excel. We align those two goals with a customized fleet company car plan. Our clients rely on us be there when their drivers need support and you can too. Our technology package allows your drivers to contact their account representative anytime or easily request support easily from their phone.

Reimbursement & Company Cars


A reimbursement plan can reduce a company’s liability & risk exposure. Your employees may choose to drive the make & model that they are comfortable with. Costs are also predictable and controllable. 

Liability for afterhours usage is typically passed to the employee leaving the company off the hook. However whether an employee changes their tires or brakes at the appropriate time may be left unmanaged. 

Company Car Program

The same reasons you may consider a reimbursement plan is the same reason to prefer a company car program. You may want to control the make & model that a driver arrives to meeting. 

Consider your company has a conservative culture and your employee shows up in a luxury vehicle that gives the wrong impression. That is one example of an unintended consequence. of a reimbursement program. 

The Supreme Court found that the "actual expense" method is the most accurate, but most burdensome for both the employer and employee.

Standard Operating Procedures

know your Options

New clients seeking information on company vehicle programs will benefit from knowing their options from an agnostic source. We do not operate exclusively as a leasing company. What this means to you is a consultant that serves you as the business owner, not a fleet company with an agenda or quota to sell vehicles. 


Fleet Vehicle

A time tested method of business travel is through a company provided fleet vehicle. We’ll show you the risks and rewards of doing so. 


Per-Mile Reimbursement

Reimbursing for business travel is typically the fairest way to handle reimbursement. It is simple to understood and easily calculated. 


Monthly Allowance

The per-mile method becomes profitable for the employee if they drive high mileage. Therefore a preset Monthly Allowance becomes the most favorable for consistency and fairness. 


Fixed And Variable (FAVR)

If not proving a company fleet vehicle, FAVR is the most preferred method of reimbursement. It balances the fairness of reimbursement while limiting the company’s risk exposure for afterhours usage.

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