We guide fleets to make the best decisions to lower TCO and run a more efficient fleet

Fleet Plan Design

We sift through the fleet data and vehicle options to choose the right vehicle, with the correct holding pattern, delivered at the right time of year.

Lifecycle Management

Managing your fleets’ effective Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be the difference in reaching your profit margin goals.

A fleet of just 25 vehicles could easily save $40,000/year with the right fleet strategy.

Outsourced Management

Start to do more with less by putting work on our plate and keep you focused on what matters most, your business.

Let us manage your fleet and you manage the business.

Achieving a Fleet Concept

Executing a safe & efficient fleet is not exclusive to the largest fleet operators. Our clients take advantage of our expertise and scale it their business size and needs.

Below are areas where we improve fleet strategy and find savings:

About Us

Driven Fleet Concepts, a boutique fleet consulting firm, manages your fleet in a way no one else does and focuses on one main thing – Creating the most efficient and cost-effective fleet plan that puts all of your key stakeholders in a position to succeed. Our Fleet Consultants manage your fleet and bring value and insights through their own experience within the fleet industry.