Managing Total Cost of Ownership.

No Exceptions.

Total Cost of Ownership has proven to be the most powerful metric to understanding fleet health. Driven Fleet Concepts guides fleet owners on making the best decisions to lower overall TCO while providing value to drivers, customers, executives, and management. 

Fleet Plan Design

We help companies sift through all the data and fleet options to choose the right vehicle, with the correct holding pattern, delivered at the right time of year.

Lifecycle Management

Managing your fleets’ effective Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be the difference between reaching your profit margin goals and falling short.

A fleet of just 25 vehicles could easily save $40,000/year with the right fleet strategy.

Outsourced Management

Your teams are busy. Whether COVID-19 has forced staffing changes or just trying to do more with less, put work on our plate and keep you focused on what matters most, your business. Let us manage your fleet and the fleet plan we all agree on.

Achieving a Fleet Concept

Executing a thoughtful fleet plan is not exclusive to only the largest fleet operators. Your margins are just as important as theirs, and we will show you what those leaders and others are doing, plus how to scale it to your business or fleet. 

Below are the projects we provide to our customers to improve Fleet Strategy and Savings:

Vehicle Selection Justification
Buy vs Lease vs Rent vs
Acquisition Source
Fuel / Maintenance
GPS Programs

Cash Position Forecast
Fleet Surveys
Company Car Programs & Reimbursement
Periodic Reviews
Leasing Company RFP
Admin Support

About Us

Driven Fleet Concepts, a boutique fleet consulting firm, manages your fleet in a way no one else does and focuses on one main thing – Creating the most efficient and cost-effective fleet plan possible that puts all of your key stakeholders in a position to succeed. Our Fleet Consultants manage your fleet and bring value and insights through their own experience within the fleet industry.

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